English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • bronchiolectasis — Bronchiectasis involving the bronchioles. SYN: bronchiolectasia. [bronchiole + G. ektasis, a stretching] * * * bron·chi·ol·ec·ta·sis .bräŋ kē ō lek tə səs n, pl ta·ses .sēz dilatation of the bronchioles * * * bron·chio·lec·ta·sis (brong″ke… …   Medical dictionary

  • capillary bronchiectasis — bronchiolectasis …   Medical dictionary

  • bronchiolectasia — SYN: bronchiolectasis …   Medical dictionary

  • centriacinar emphysema — centrilobular emphysema one of the principal types of pulmonary emphysema, characterized by enlargement of air spaces in the proximal part of the acinus, primarily at the level of the respiratory bronchioles. See also bronchiolectasis and coal… …   Medical dictionary

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